Construction Update

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The next public tour of the new campus will be Saturday, November 30, 2013 at 5:00pm.

Call the Advancement/Alumni Office at 810-591-0100 to schedule a tour if this is not convenient.

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Pictures of what is happening on the new campus for

Powers Catholic H.S.

September 5, 2013

The ribbon is cut!

A view of the west wing showing the Cross and name of the new building.

Bishop Boyea officiates at All School Mass.

Bishop Boyea officiates at the 1st All School Mass on W. Court Street.


Our new Chapel!

Powers Choir at the 1st All School Mass on the new campus.

The main gym all ready for the 1st All School Mass.

The main portico, ready for the dedication.

Week of July 15, 2013

The Science Lab, all ready for the first class!

Aux Gym floor ready for finishing.

Cabinets in the Trainer Room ready for installation.


Didn't there used to be a Hughes Infirmary there?

Finally, the lockers on the third floor are installed!

Installing the bleachers in the Main gym.

Lights in the commons finally!

Lights in the Commons, finally!

The cooking line in the kitchen.

The serving line cabinets ready for installation.

Week of June 30, 2013

 Finishing the south side of the portico link, showing the doors from the Commons to the South Quad

Finishing the south side of the portico link, showing the doors from the Commons to the South Quad

 A nice view of the building's east end.

A nice view of the building's east end.

 Nailing down the maple hardwood floor in the main gymnasium.

Nailing down the maple hardwood floor in the main gymnasium.

 Installing the gym floor; showing the blue railing around the track.

Installing the gym floor; showing the blue railing around the "track".

 The first grind for the polished concrete floor in the Commons.

The first grind for the polished concrete floor in the Commons.

 A peek into the boiler room.

A peek into the boiler room.

Week of June 17, 2013


Final grading and seeding on the southeast side of the gymnasium

Crane setting the chiller unit for the Academic Building

The Infirmary building is coming down!

Progress on the main gymnasium subflooring

Week of June 3, 2013

Building the walls in the locker room wing.

Lockers on the Third Floor.

Hanging Hoops!

Stairs from Education Wing into Media Center.

Science Classroom 407 Ready for Furniture!

The First Hydro-seed Installation!

Portico Restoration Work.

Pouring the Main Portico Steps.


Week of May 27, 2013

Building the walls in the Locker wing.

Cabinets in Science Classroom 404.

Cabinets in Science Classroom 408.

Making the acoustical clouds for the Auditorium.

Pouring the concrete walls for the entrance plaza.

Pouring the new portico steps.

Steps from the Commons to the Quad.

Week of May 13, 2013

Exterior restoration progress - looks like new!

Exterior glass near the main entry to the commons.

Painting the gymnasium ceiling.

Pouring the slab in the locker room wing.

Restored cornice work - WOW!

The 100 year old terrazzo floor looks just fine after polishing!

The elevator is installed between the Commons and the Gym.

The new student parking lot is paved.

Week of May 6, 2013

Cabinetwork being installed in the Science Laboratory. 

Applying concrete filler to the concrete block in the Auditorium.

Concrete curbing at a storm inlet.

 Finishing a section of concrete curb and gutter.

Plumbing fixtures installed in third floor girls' restroom.


Rough grading in the courtyard, now that things have dried out a bit.

Week of April 29, 2013

New campus in spring.

Cornice work being done.

Hangin brick on the Auditorium.

Hanging glass on the new annex.


The hallway at the administrative offices.

The Main Gymnasium (and Auxillary Gym) have concrete subfloors poured.

The Stage.

West entry canopy work.

Restoring the Main Portico columns.

Now you can see what the front of the annex will look like.

Week of April 22, 2013

 Auditorium and Stage as viewed from the Control Booth.

Entrance to the Gymnasium looking from the track toward the Commons.

Painting the stair railing in the Central Stair and showing the newly painted cornice detail.

The canopy over the Coffee Café in the Library.


The glass curtainwall on the front of the building is being installed.

Workmen restoring the stonework at the main portico.

Week of April 8, 2013

Close-up of the new brick which matches the historic brick very nicely.

Auxiliary Gymnasium ready for concrete slab.

Laying out the ceiling for the Library circulation desk.

Main Gymnasium almost ready for concrete slab.

Masons building the Green Room next to the Stage.

The freezer and cooler installed in the Kitchen.

View as you enter the Commons from the Academic Building.

Early April

Masons working on the east side of the Gymnasium.

The Gym and Locker wing starting to look finished.

Big ducts being installed in the Commons.

Drywall installed in the Media Center.


Sand and fill to bring the Gymnasium floor subgrade to level.

View of the stage from the control booth.

Late March

Gymnasium with newly installed railings around the track.

Lots of utilities in kitchen wall.


Roofing the new addition.

Stair E 3rd floor looking like new.

The newly rebuilt entry to the Academic Building.

Insulated wall getting ready for brick.

Auditorium from the stage mezzanine.

Week of 3/18/2013

Academic Hall as of March 15, 2013.

Classroom 402, all painted out and ready for lighting and flooring.

An accent wall in the central stair.

Lots of construction activity in the commons.

Elevator lobby outside the upper gymnasium entrance.

Week of 3/4/2013

Gym walls going up.

Father Dan's office wall is framed in the Link.

Librarian's Office and Small Group Study Rooms in the Media Center are framed.

Science Classroom 402 primed and ready for finish paint.

Spiffy accent paint colors in the fourth floor stairwell, ready for finish paint.

The brick finish on the north wall of the Commons is finished. 

Installing ductwork and fire suppression piping in the Media Center.

Painting the ceilings out white on the Fourth Floor.

Pouring and finishing the concrete floor of the Commons.

Rubbing out concrete of the restored portico piers at the Commons.

Scraping years of paint off of the mahogany stair railings.

Week of 2/18/2013

Return ductwork in the fourth floor east stair.

The Kitchen hallway/Gym entrance.

Classroom 308: Drywall mudding in preparation for painting.

Pouring concrete for restoration of the portico supports.

Preparing to pour the Commons floor slab.

Week of 2/04/2013

Building the walls of the stage in the auditorium.

Building the walls around the competition gym.

Formwork for the restoration of the portico in the commons.

The concrete floor of the Media Center is poured!

The first metal ductwork is hung in Classroom 410.

Week of 1/28/2013

New fire door frame at 2nd floor central lobby.

 Ductwork ready to install at Science Classroom 401.

Typical heating & air conditioning unit in Classroom Building.


From the back doorway in Fay Hall to the gym-commons area.

Week of 1/14/2013

Taping drywall in room 402.

View of the addition from the parking area.

Roof tops of the addition to Fay Hall.

Entering the 2nd floor media center from Fay Hall.

Looking from media center to Fay Hall entrance.

Athletes entrance to the locker rooms.

Column capitals at the main entrance to Fay Hall before restoration.

Week of 1/07/2013

Back of gym.

View from the south east corner of the property.

2nd floor Media Center.

From behind Fay Hall.

View from west end of commons to band and auditorium entrances.

Chapel and guidance offices.

Looking through the gym.


View from 4th floor.

Looking south from the west end porch of Fay Hall.